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The Immortal Arts, Let’s Immortalize Our Creativity; TOGETHER.

Our Mission

At The Immortal Arts, we strive to immortalize the artistic soul of all bidding artists by giving them a platform to showcase their artistic brilliance. We are committed to bring forward the best new talents from across the globe to our audience. Our team has been working hard to compile some exciting short stories, poems and painting/sketches for the world to cherish.

We work day and night to help new artists write the best short stories that would strike your heart’s chords with the embedded detailing and emotions of human life. They are inspiring writers/authors who writes with their heart on their sleeves and let their imagination wander into the depths of artistic musing. Their words are pure and raw in the writing industry, making them special and unique in their own sense. They bring the human emotions out in the reality through the power of words as they assemble their mighty thoughts to create some beautiful verses in their poems and short stories.

Our Values

  • We believe there are exemplars of the art of writing; some known, some yet to be known—all deserving to be published beautifully and read widely.
  • We believe emerging writers need support, encouragement, and mentoring.
  • We believe students and readers everywhere deserve a great and free modern library, inside of which they can get deliriously, entertainingly, profoundly lost. And found.
  • We believe that stories are what bind us, remind us, and transcend us, in our time, and for all time.
  • We believe in YOU and YOUR WORK.

Our Goal

We aim at becoming one of the leading platforms for publishing and helping, new artists from across the globe. The importance of guidance and the need for human touch for an artist, is what we understand.

Works We Accept

  • Short Stories (Any Genre)
  • Poems
  • Painting/Sketches
  • Non-Fictional Write-ups

Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team spends some quality time going through the numerous submissions that we receive every week, as they make sure that we don’t miss even a single submission as we go through our day-to-day lives. We post the selected submissions throughout the week alongwith the due credit to the artist as we promote their work on different forums too.

Our Founder

Deepak Singh Rathore who also goes by his pen name Dee Kay, founded this website after being a blogger on WordPress for couple of years. He is young Indian writer who is currently working on his first novel. Apart from being a writer himself, he inspires and helps others to achieve their dreams in the writing industry by providing them with valuable advices and feedbacks on a regular basis. His aim for creating this website was to give other artists the first platform where they could display their work to a much larger audience than they had before.

“Writing is all about expressing and not about impressing. The moment one writes to impress others; their writing loses its sole purpose of expressing”

By Dee Kay


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