Important Announcement

The Immortal Arts & The Floating Thoughts, are proud to inform our fellow bloggers and readers that our very own, Roy and Dee Kay, are ready to publish their very first NOVELETTE, The Two-Faced Truth, on Kindle. The novelette would be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on AMAZON WEBSITE as KINDLE EBOOK from Sunday (12:00 PM IST)

The Two-Faced Truth 1 day to go

The first two chapters of this novelette has already been posted on both the websites, we urge you to go and read them from the links below :-

Chapter – 1

Chapter – 2

Stay tuned for more information !!!

The Two-Faced Truth OUT on 18th March 2018

PS : We request you to support us in this new endeavor as you have always done



One thought on “Important Announcement

  1. Aaaa yeah. 😀 So this is what’s up. 😀 Surprise, surprise, you guys went global. 😀 Ugh, I got to make a toast to that. Woohooo! Congrats boys. 😀

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