Thank You For 700 WordPress Followers


Ahh! This is something that I never really imagined to happen to me but I guess there were no faults in my stars. I would like to show my sincere gratitude to all of fellow bloggers who have been following me and even to those readers who have been reading my posts.

Thank you so much.

It has been an incredible journey for me so far. I started a blog in November of 2017 on WordPress without much knowledge as to how to grow the blog or how to expand my readership. All that I knew back then was that I just wanted to write and in no time I was hooked to writing on my blog. Then in January of this year, I finally decided to turn the blog into a website. A big transition, which as per my calculation wasn’t going to happen until the end of the year yet I decided to go with my gut feeling, I am glad that I did.

Enough of my sentimental journey talks, let me take a moment to thank few people who had shown their support and showered with their love in my journey.

  • Shoumodip Roy a.k.a Roy from The Floating Thoughts – What could I say about him? This guy is someone who came in touch with me last December and ever since then he has become a huge part of my creative life. He is a loyal, honest, kind, and a supportive friend. He is not just a friend but rather has become a part of my family. I am thankful to WordPress for bring this gem of a person in my life. Cheers brother.
  • Ashley Smith from Harotian Essentials – This fine American lady is what you can call my soul sister. Even though we come from 2 very different country with 2 extremely different cultures, we still have hell lot in common. She has to be that one person whom I genuinely respect and love. She and her family, have made me a part of their sweet world even though I am thousands miles away. From her loving calls to her encouraging words, she has be a constant in my life and on this website.
  • Shawn from Dronstad – He is among the few bloggers who have earned my respect over time with his constant support & feedback along with his down to earth and genuine nature. He is one of the most disciplined and creative person I have come across. He reads others blog, give them feedbacks, encourage them to improve, and help them in anyway possible. He is funny, smart, and a very good human being.

I have a long list of people to thank so I will mention rest of the names as I don’t think we all would want me to get over sentimental so here are the names of few of the people who are constantly supporting us, Shajeed, Llyod, Hurain Ghafoor, Ray, Amrita, Sukhpal, Tahira, Rajwinder, and of course my family.

Thank you.

PS – Roy and I, are soon going to get published on Kindle. So stay tuned for the big announcement.

PPS – Sorry, if I missed out your name but remember I still love you.


9 thoughts on “Thank You For 700 WordPress Followers

  1. Dude… Is there a post where you don’t mention me? Hahaha, thanks Commander. You honor me greatly. 😀 Wow, 700 people… What did you do to get them so many? I am out of words here bro. This is like I got that many followers. Just WOW. So proud of your success. Keep growing Commander. 😀

    1. As your fellow brother in quill, it’s my duty to honor and respect where it is due. Thank you commander for being the way you are and helping me improve.

      PS – I have few tricks up my sleeves that works on wordpress 😛

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