The Two Face Truth (Season 1, Episode 2)

The Two Face Truth

(Season 1, Episode 2)

( Warning – The material contain abusive language. Read at your own discreetion)

Based on Characters Created, & Written By –

Roy & Dee Kay

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Roy & Dee Kay

“Neel has been very busy at work ever since he found out some unaccounted money in the company accounts. He has only shared this information with his childhood friend and his boss, Rudra. Since weeks he has been coming late so he decided to come back home a little early. While on his way, he called his daughter but she didn’t pick the call so he panicked and rushed home only to find her lying in her own pool of blood”



The board meetings were always a mind-fucking game for me. The members seem to have set their stupid minds to overthrow me from my own bloody company. I always thought I had done what was required for the business but even after so much hard work and dedication, these unappreciative pigs want to overthrow me.


“HUH !!! No worries…I will find a way to make their mouths shut, once and for all. I have been taking their shit explanations and proposals from the day I made my company public. It is time to show them who the real boss is and make them bow.

I always win.

I never lose.

I get what I desire, one way or the other.”

I closed the door behind me and threw the cellphone on the couch, as I entered my apartment. My frustration was at its peak now. All I needed was a hot shower after that hectic and five-long-hours financial audit, a glass full of my scotch and a good long fuck to calm my nerves.

“I should call the escort-service”, I thought as a grin spread on my face.

*Cellphone Vibrates*

Hellooo”, Neel sobbed and whimpered on the other end.

“Neil…you okay brother?”, I spurted filled with concern.

“Rudra…I could not save her. I….I…tried my best man…I”, Neel choked on words and my heart felt a sudden jump in beats.

“Man…don’t you break now…I am on my way…just stay with me bro…”, I shouted on top of my voice. However, no matter how much I yelled, I felt Neel breaking inwards…

I rushed for my car keys and made my way out of the apartment, leaving a noise of thud of closing door and click of disconnecting call.

I was running like a crazy towards the parking lot. It was so uncanny that a few moments ago, I was being a ruthless businessman without any sense of empathy for those fucking board members and now I was a concerned friend racing my BMW in the middle of the streets.

“Damn You Gabriel…What the Fuck have you done?”, my mind was shouting.

I instantly went to dial my bodyguard’s number, Gabriel has been the caretaker of my mess and shits that I did spread while creating my business empire. Never for once did Gabriel fail in his task. He was one hell of a perfect motherfucking cleanup guy. He was my go-to guy whenever I needed someone to take care of my fucking issues. However, listening to Neel’s voice it was clear that my go-to-man, Gabriel, fucked up his task and in return rendered me fucking helpless.

A not reachable automated voice greeted me as I dialed Gabriel’s number. I was panicking and at the same time regretting. I should have never sent Gabriel to Neel’s home. But how could I have known that Vani would be there then? Wasn’t she supposed to be at her best friend’s home for the night out?

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

Series of those little smiles and the bright face of my niece clouded my vision letting loose those suppressed memories, all at once.

*10 years earlier *

“Neel. Please brother! Take that money from Trisha’s account and please renew the medical insurance.” I pleaded right in the middle of the lobby of the hospital. I couldn’t see my sister dying just because of a lapse insurance.

“That money is not our Rudra. You know that. I will find a way. I have some of my savings that will help for now”

“Take my money, please brother. For Godsake she is my sister”, I kept on pleading.


A car went scooting in front of me and the driver hurled abuses of my rash driving. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice that I had jumped the signal. The car was fortunate to not to get hit by me or was it the other way around. Ahhh!!! Fuck…tears brimmed the edges of my eyes. I missed Trisha so much.

The fleeting memories soaked me again in its waves.

*5 years earlier*

“Uncle Rudy… Uncle Rudy.. Uncle Rudy”, the 5-year old little toddled towards me as I entered the apartment.
Her smile always brought a new surge of love and affection…her innocence and pure heart soothed my broken soul. It seemed that I had found a reason to look for a future again…a lost family was finding its way back home finally. I picked her up and kissed her soft cheeks.

“Ohh…Rudy…gross…ewww….you smell like Mrs. Nancy’s hair oil…”, listening to her speak was enough to fill my heart with happiness…ease my sufferings for the moment…make me remember my little sister in her again…After all, she did have her mother’s eyes…those beautiful blue ones.

I kept on dialing Gabriel’s number and each time the automated voice replied. I felt myself losing into a mode of frenzy filled with rage. Who I was angry with…that cocksucker Gabriel, for messing up the job and snatching away the one thing most precious to me… Neel, for being a righteous son of a bitch, or ME…for being a goddamn selfish asshole.

I could never be angry with Neel. How could I hate him when all he did was to be more than a friend when my own family disowned me…took care of my sister when she was broken beyond repair…gave me a family when I had no home.

I never realized until now how ignorant I have been of my misdeeds. As the law of nature holds, the more you take away from others, the greater you pay the remunerations. I never thought that few things in life were impossible to be brought back with the money…doesn’t matter how much you have it.

* Half an Hour earlier *

“Gabriel, get those files from Neel’s home. That fucker doesn’t even know that those files could bury me in deep shit. He being a big righteous fucking man would forget about me if it came to do the right thing. I haven’t taken so much shit to build this empire only to see it taken away from me.”

“Sure thing, Boss. What if that little daughter of his comes in middle?”

“She won’t be in the house tonight.”

“But Boss what if she sees me. She knows me well enough; you know that, as her Play buddy”

“Use your fucking brain and take care of her”

The car screeched to a halt in front of Neel’s home. The rains hit my windshield hard bringing me back from my monstrosity. My face was wet with tears now. My hands were shaking. My lips were sealed to each other. My heart was pounding.


I did it.


I just sat on driver’s seat…hands frozen on the wheel…cellphone on redial mode placed on the deck…

Every second seemed a decade…slowed down with heart-wrenching memories…

I was so lost in my hideousness that I did not notice the call to Gabriel’s cellphone was now connected instead of the automated voice…

As I placed it over my ears, I felt a jolt of adrenaline as my stomach churned listening to the voice that came after those rings. It was the one that was unexpected and the one that I dreaded at the moment.

“Rudra ???? “

To be Continued….

How would Rudra face Neel? How would Neel react to Rudra??

Find out in Episode – 3, to be released on 19th March 2018

Read ⇐ EPISODE 1


A collaboration of The Immortal Arts & The Floating Thoughts


17 thoughts on “The Two Face Truth (Season 1, Episode 2)

  1. Too much jumping around with this one. I get you are trying to connect the dots here and give pretext to your characters but this is waaaay big for a novelette. It is artistic though, but you change the speed with the story and it gets somewhat harder to follow the plot. The scenes you write are great, there is no doubt about it. It’s all well written and thought out. I recommend a little bit more order in it, that’s all. But hey, this is just me reading your stuff, so you can just tell me to piss off and do what you do.

    Mind your language. Some people don’t really like to read those and you can get a bad review on Amazon. Just sayin’. 😀

  2. It is awesome as always. But I don’t like suspense 😑 jaldi jaldi next post😐
    Both of you are doing good job😍

    1. Thank you so much Samiksha.. We are trying to bring out the episode at a faster rate. I guess the last week of March would end this complain too 😉

      Warm regards
      Dee Kay

    1. Thank you so much 🤗
      We are glad to hear that and we are sure that we would do our best to live up to your expectations.. Thank you for all the love and support..

      Warm regards
      Dee Kay

  3. Very intriguing story. The intensity was great and the emotions kept flowing. Not for a single moment did I feel bored. I was hooked instantly. Eagerly waiting for the next episode..

  4. This has to be one of the best story that I have come across in net….. There is emotions…. Suspense…. Drama….
    I could imagine the whole scene in front of my eyes….. You guys are doing a great job….. You will be a great screenplay writers one day….. I’m a fan Now…….

    1. This has to be one of the sweetest comment we have received. We are so happy to see our work being appreciated like this. Thank you once again for all the love and support..

      Warm regards
      Dee Kay

  5. This is amazing, I just can’t stop thinking about it. You have done a brilliant work here. Congratulations and lots n lots of love ❤️

  6. Great job done.. Really proud of both of you!
    PS: no bribe taken for the appreciation 😉

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