Dreams By Mohit


By Mohit

(Guest Author)


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Everytime I sleep, I wish there will be no dreams to haunt me….

And by haunting I do not mean ‘Bad Dreams’ or ‘Nightmares’. I mean the dreams which are full of hope,love & passion. The dreams in which we live in a world, will not be ours in reality. It hurts because everytime you wake up & recall those enchanting moments, you realize they are not even an imagination which we can bring to the reality…..

There was this dream….

I was trying so hard to get her on board. Spent endless sleepless nights just to make her believe that I truly care & mean everything I said. From extending lunch breaks to skipping office just to talk to her and gain her trust. After all in a Long Distance Relationship that’s the only pillar you have to base your relation on. A stubborn girl was finally opening up & revealing her feelings which were kept so secretive I doubt if her mind & heart ever had a discussion on it over a drink!

trash bin

Feelings were surprisingly fast enough to make their space when trust was just crawling like a baby… You know it, just a little blow and the baby starts to cry likewise you just lose it all. Love, care, anxiety, stubbornness, jealousy, teasing all were playing their part but still something wasn’t there.

I just had one wish & it was to be with her.

A priority to me,she & it was all that matters.

To lay down next to her & cuddle her to sleep.

To make her proud & happy inside so deep.

Events then turned against my fate, A shattered lie, I was in bate.

But at the end all it was, just a dream.

I did remember everything I saw. But couldn’t do anything to ripe the raw. From that day onwards I’m afraid of sleep in the night, so dark yet so bright. 🙂


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