If she was the moon, I’d long to be the sun By Amanda

( February Theme Challenge )

If she was the moon, I’d long to be the sun

By Amanda

(Guest Poetess)


My name is Amanda, I live in East Tennessee on 80 acres. I’m learning how to garden and how to be happy. I’m 26, I have struggled with mental disorders since I was 10 and writing has always been therapeutic to me. I only recently started sharing my story. I want people to know that they are not alone in their mental struggles.

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two moon 2

“you’re in love with the moon,” she spoke softly to me,
her eyes illuminated from the light in the dark sky
“yes,” I say in agreement,
“her beauty is astounding, she puts my mind at ease
When I am struggling, my thoughts refuse to slow
and it seems anxiety is all I know,
she lights up my darkness with her sweet love
and subtle reminders of my purpose of existing
And I will cherish her always
She keeps watch over me as I sleep
Sending her energy to me,
enhancing my dream state
She is a beautiful queen
Ruling over the evening landscape.

Moon, The Mystic Goddess By Sri Taris 1

The woman at my side sighs,
hands resting on her thighs
When I finally realize
Everything I once longed for in a companion sits next to me
She holds the power of the moon in her own eyes
Lunar energy makes up her soul
She’s quiet, mysterious
Not hesitant to hide herself
a free spirit, wandering heart
not always tangible but within me at all times,
she assures me when I feel we are apart
she’ll arrive back in due time, in small glimpses
she reminds me to be patient
That I am sufficient
and to be kind to all and to myself
If she was the moon, I’d long to be the sun
In a constant dance
Longing to see the entirety of her in all her glory
awaiting the day we are side by side
for a short moment of bliss
in a natural phenomenon
for all to see.

By – Amanda

February Theme – “You’re In Love With The Moon”

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