Trash Bin Babies By Komal

Trash Bin Babies

By Komal

(Guest Poetess)


A master’s final semester student seeking opportunities in the field of corporate communication. Writing to me is an escape from the monotony of life. Currently I am occupied in enjoying the pleasure of penning down the whirlwind of thoughts inside my head.

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The sky was sinfully grey
The raindrops fell on his face
Seemed that nature
Was silently mourning
The brutal murder in cold blood

trash bin 2
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Tossing the tiny bood stained body
Into a river nearby, he sighed in relief.
A pearl like pure fairy was slaughtered
Before it could blossom
In the bosom of earth

trash bin 3
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Mother earth cried in pain
Another angel returned to paradise
Teary eyed!

By Komal


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8 thoughts on “Trash Bin Babies By Komal

  1. Komal!!! This is truly an art piece! Your writing has truly matured and blossomed! Loved it!

  2. 😓 touching and sad. I’ve mourned the loss of people who have never existed. ( My wife and I was never able to have children ) and to think that somewhere in the world someone else threw away what I have dreamed of.

    1. Hey Llyod,

      I am sorry to hear of your loss and my prayers are with you and your wife.

      It’s really sad to see that some of us can only dream of simple life desires while others take such things for granted or thrown them away. It is simply heartbreaking to see and read news about female foeticides becoming widespread across many countries.

      Dee kay

      PS – We will give your feedback to our guest poetess. Thank you.

    2. I’m so sorry Lloyd.My adopted mom was unable to have children, so I know the pain of it. May God continue to bless you and your wide in a over abundance of love and grace. ❤️🌹

      1. We’ve lived with it a very long time. It’s the forbidden subject . There’s a lot more to the story but for now I’m not able to go into details. I only comment because people don’t understand the gift they were given

        1. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect you to share such a intimate story. That’s between you, your wife, and God. I just wanted to let you know I understood from a personal perspective. But again, thank you for sharing. Many of us take for granted the things the others long for. I think of my adopted mom when my kids are getting on my nerves. ☺️

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