Storm & The Lesson By Dee Kay

The Storm & The Lesson

Dee Kay
Dee Kay (Editor, The Immortal Arts)

The peace of my mind was like the gentle spring breeze,
mending my broken heart or was at least trying to appease.

The Storm and the lessons by Dee Kay
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The sudden drift in my life made my thoughts astray,
“the storm was approaching”, my mind said in a calm way.
Was it the calmness before the storm ?,
Or was it a warning about something seriously wrong.
There was not much I could figure out then,
maybe it was time for me to seek into my den.
The storm rattled my life and I faced its atrocity,
the life I built was blown away now I had to accept the actuality.

Storm and the lesson
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The peaceful mind no longer had any peace,
the array of storms were yet to be ceased.

Day after day the intensity increased,
more and more agony was conceived.
The mind on the brink of oblivion and the heart shattered,
saving myself was all that mattered.
In the midst of all the debris of my broken dreams that I found myself,
the storm was just pushing me close to discovering my true self.
It was then I realized, “In order to improve, I had to let go of the old”,
as often we live in the past and forget to see the present that unfolds.

The storm was nothing more than life’s way of testing me again and again,
You only gets stronger after surviving the pain.

By Dee Kay


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