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Hey guys I have gone through many confession before I thought of posting my confession here I dont care what people will comments here I’m ready to accept it . Well here my confession is Just wanna say something, I have a boyfriend, 2 years now. We decided to come out to parents as gay and my boyfriend said he would leave me if parents are not okay with it. I m just f*#*#d up with it because come on how the f*#k can he say it like that to my face? Ok leave that matter. Now in case of parents, dude what the hell, if our parents truly love us more than they care about the society, why the hell cant they accept their gay sons or lesbian daughters? Somehow i m sure that any of our parents might not be okay with it. I decided to run away with him if my Dad or mom opposes but he? Gosh damn i m f*#*#d up like anything dude. And seriously Why does he have to be such a b*#*h that he just cant say it out to their face that he loves me?

Answer – Hey buddy,
I seriously can’t imagine the situation you are in right now. This is something that have been a subject of great debates without any concrete result.

Your boyfriend is scared for obvious reasons. You need to be patient with him as you might be brave enough to face the world but he might not be, so be his support system rather than being a jerk and calling him names. I know you are frustrated but you are the stronger one in the relationship. Your partner looks up-to you for courage and not discouragement so be a little wise here.

The whole world would be against you, from the government to the religious beliefs of people. I cannot talk about others but YOU BOTH HAVE MY SUPPORT. If you are coming out of the shadows to embrace your real self then no one is as brave as you both. The world will insult you and would even try to physically harm you so just be safe and secure. You both need each other more than you need the world by your side or even their approval.

I hope things will turn out to be good for you and your partner.

Stay Strong


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