Thinking About You By Dee Kay

Thinking About You

By Dee Kay

Dee Kay
Dee Kay (Editor, The Immortal Arts)

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I think about you all the time,

I dream that one day you’ll be mine.


I think about you when I see the morning sun,

the way it rises has comparison to none.

I think about you when I feel the cold breeze brush against my face,

as if asking me to shower my love over you just to embrace.

I think about you when I hear the birds sings,

merry songs that reminds me of your ring.

I think about you when the free leaves dances in the strong winds,

telling me the love stories of their kin.

I think about you when the moon comes out in the night,

enlightening the world just like you do in mine with your light.

I think about you when I see a shooting star in the sky,

I still close my eyes and make a wish don’t know why ?

I think about you every time I open my eyes,

pure soul you’re without any lies.

I think about you for day in and day out,

I know a part of your souls just wants to shoutout.

I think and think till a smile filled life I can see,

your knight in shining armor is what I can be.


I think about you even when I am not supposed to,

but I guess thinking about you is the only thing this guy likes to do.

By Dee Kay


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