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Dee Kay

It’s strange how things change in a blink of the eye. I am sitting here puffing my cigarette and going through the confessions in the confession box. Each confession is more painful than the previous. Every confession has one thing in common, PAIN.

When the page was started, few years back, we had mix confessions where people talked about there life. Happy moments as well as sad ones, but now all I can see is pain. I’m not judging anyone or saying that one shouldn’t confess their pain. What I am trying to say that now pain has somehow infected everyone around us in one way or another.

Most of the people here will say that they don’t believe in love because true love doesn’t exist. The reality is that they still want to be loved and to love someone but they have lost faith in the people because their past taught them to not trust anyone, anymore. Some of them blame the girl/boy and others blame themselves yet none of them are able to move on as they carry the baggage of their past.

Few here are suffering from depression and anxiety while they struggle in their loneliness and try to put up a brave face for the people they love. Most of them don’t even realize that they been enslaved by their own mind as it goes into darkness, taking them along.

I want you all to take a moment and look around you. Watch and observe. Take a deep breath and relax. If you need help then ask for it. If you can help then offer it. Ask for someone to become the silent hero in your story. Become someone’s silent hero. Come together for something more than your own pleasure.

Think about it!

The world already has some much suffering, maybe YOU can help reduce it. Take the first step. Help yourself or help others as an the end of the day, you will be happy even if that is after ages.

This is Dee Kay.
Thank you for having the patience to read it.

Much love.


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2 thoughts on “SOUL TALKS WITH DEE KAY

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