The Roads By Dee Kay

The Roads

By Dee Kay

Dee Kay
Dee Kay (Editor, The Immortal Arts)

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The Roads By Dee Kay 1

The lonely roads always attracted his mind, as he could play his memories in rewind.


The silence on those road had something about them, the stories they told could be heard only by some. The roads only few have travelled not for long, yet people call them heroes and write their songs. Everybody just talk about the destination they reach, but it’s the journey that matters and has a lot more to teach.

The Roads By Dee Kay 2

The lonely roads were singing a different story, his memories were gone that made him worry.


The road wasn’t leading anyone anywhere, the destination were the mere results of the decision they share. One has to walk this roads and live with the consequences of their choice, they might not like it said their heart’s little voice. But in the end everything falls in place, only few understood that life isn’t a race.

The Roads By Dee Kay 3

The lonely roads were the journey to find himself again, one has to walk the road through snow and rain.


By Dee Kay




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4 thoughts on “The Roads By Dee Kay

    1. Thank you so much Shawn.
      This means a lot. You have always been very kind towards my work and your words have always motivated me work harder.

      Warm Regards,
      Dee Kay

    2. I would have to agree!! DeeKay has a way with words that can touch the deepest parts of your soul. Good job friend!! 😘

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