The mighty war of stars by Hurain Ghafoor

The Mighty War Of Stars

By Hurain Ghafoor

Author’s blog Tinkering Fireflie

When a mighty quake shook the entire universe to it’s core, the stars waged a beautiful war and rattled against each other as if inside a jar. Among this collision of colors and dust, a little boy was born who fell and fell right onto the moon.

For centuries he looked upon the Earth through a hundred thousand light years. He saw Hitler with his thin mustache and burned red. He saw Rome with it’s wonders and glowed yellow with awe. He wondered at the buzz of bees and roar of loins that inhabited the earth.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was falling a little bit in love with this strange ball of green and blue.

And thus, the day came when his staircase was ready. He did politely asked the moon to stay still while he climbed down. It was a bit scary, he had to admit. But, worth it.

Sometimes at night, this little boy with so many dreams would stare at the moon amidst the ferocious stars and fall in love with what he once had.


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