REGRETS By Arkamita Banik


By Arkamita Banik

(Guest Artist)

About Artist –

She is a Civil Engineering Student from India who is searching for solace in words. A bright young Indian artist who has the ability to put complex emotions into simple words.


Perplexed nights lingered by the
cognitions of my imperfections.

Every drop of water that strikes the
bottom of my sink;
Reminds me of my mistakes.
And I wake up everyday with regrets.

REGRETS By Arkamita Banik 1.jpg

Equations of my life are no longer linear.
The only familiar graph seems to be curve.

All my desires are standing at the edge of oblivion.
Existence seems to be vapid.

Consume me please in black coffee or dark chocolate,
Or release me from the hallucination called life.

For death seems to be more beautiful.

By Arkamita Banik

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