Strike Force By Nestergen

Strike Force

By Nestergen

Author’s Blog – The Bubble Boy Blog


Her footsteps fumbled, her consciousness blurry.

Her eyes darted, her anger carted.


Noises crackled, the winds honked her ears.

A sharp pain cascaded, fissuring her cognitive seer.

Daylights glanced, the nights all pranced.

Timelessness stood, an emotion of feud.

MRIs and paradise,

Pathways were merging.

A voice latched behind,

Her soul came searching.

She had a stroke, she was my mother-

She made it back, from a soulful purger.

By – Nestergen

Artist’s Message –

Poem dedicated to my Mother. She had a stroke in October 11, 2015. Survived and recovered completely by God’s grace.


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