Hope By Dee Kay


By Dee Kay

Dee Kay
Dee Kay (Editor, The Immortal Arts)

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He looked around him to find love and what it meant,
He dug deep inside him to search for love or where it went.

He lied to everyone that he was good and fine,
maybe he was looking for the strength to fight all this while.
He had been taken up for being an emotional fool,
using one and another was the world’s new rule.
He sat in the darkness fighting his own demons till the night lasts,
many memories came rushing to him so did the guilt from the past.

He knew his mistakes and that made him wise,
his strength was going away with all his lies.

The past was haunting him for quite some time,
he would often end up daydreaming or write some rhymes.
His few friends look at him for advice and support,
but he had no clue where he can file his own sadness report.
More or less he was the strongest person around,
maybe the real him was yet to be found.

He finally accepted the past and the present he had,
even if that made him happy or sad.

The truth was he had given up on himself long ago,
but the inner fire refused to let go.
The spark that was once lost would be reignited again,
the drought in his heart would be gone with the rain.
He still had himself somewhere deep inside,
fighting those demons that resides.

He still have that one thing that many don’t,
A small ray of light we all call HOPE.

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7 thoughts on “Hope By Dee Kay

  1. It’s good when β€œthe inner fire” is still there, inside :))
    Smart structure, I love the style and simplicity as well πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Thank you so much.. πŸ€—
      For me, it’s all about keeping it simple so I’m glad that you loved it πŸ’ž

      Much love
      Dee Kay

      PS – See I made your comment appear. I should be a magician 😎

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