A Love Letter To Mr. Moon By Shajeeda

A Love Letter To Mr. Moon

Shajeeda Ahmed
Shajeed Ahmed (Editorial Team, The Immortal Arts)

A Love Letter To Mr. Moon By Shajeeda 1

“Maybe the moon is a HE and not SHE, and every night he waits for the girl who once used to wish on his light when the moon is full, until one day, the girl just stopped wishing and she never peered back again at him. And maybe, the moon asked the ocean’s help to look for the girls in every sea and in every shore, and wolves help in every land and in every continent. And maybe the moon never finds the girl again because centuries and eons have passed and the oceans never stop tidings, and the wolves never stop howling every night, maybe saying, “Mate, we still haven’t found her.””

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Moon in Literature universally represents the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. Moon phases symbolise immortality and eternity, enlightenment or conversely the darker side of nature and soul. It also reflects the inner knowledge or stages of man’s life on earth because it controls tides, rain and seasons. The time between unbreakable warrior The Sun and the dark night lit by The Moon represents the realm between conscious and the unconscious. It symbolises soul which determines the subject’s capacity for reflection and adaption.
Mixing these two concepts I have written.

A Love Letter to Mr Moon
Jan 31, 2018
To my Mr Moon,

Dear beloved, I’m writing this letter to celebrate Super Blue Blood moon. I hope you are in high spirits, my love.
Your beauty is angelic, ageless, aesthetic and enthralling. Your silvery, splendid and placid Moonlight makes you look even beautiful on days of a blue moon. Our love is Supernal for we have the capacity of bearing each other’s madness, secrets and fantasies. You try to hide your darker side behind masquerading moonlight since I hide behind my talks. For I am afraid of betrayals like you. Dear moon, on this auspicious event I promise you all the three pillars of intimacy i.e. physical, emotional and intellectual.

A Love Letter To Mr. Moon By Shajeeda 2

I love your silence, so that you can hear my chaos which has created a room in my brain. The clutter which doesn’t let me grow. I want to love you so that I embrace you so tightly that my warmth can reach you. Your shine has something magical in it. The way your hypnotizing shine falling in the ocean cage my sight, I lock my eyes and think of you. Your marks witness for what you survive every day. Rising Energy, purification, new growth, hovering and forgiving yourself, self-love, accepting responsibility and awakening. You know what, I choose you for those never heard sounds, never seen colours and shapes, to try to understand the imperceptible power-pervading the world, to fly and find pure ethereal substances that are not materialistic but for your invisible soul.

I choose you for being a loyal companion. You never left me. You are always there, watching, steadfastly, knowing me in my light and dark moments. Every day you show me a different version of yourself. Sometimes week, sometime strong and full of light. You understand what it means to be a human. Uncertain, alone and cratered by imperfections.

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My love for you is uncontrollable and dangerous. Loving you is like breathing that I do it without realising, thinking or knowing it how to stop. Dear Moon, your soul is far too deep for the shallow world to understand. You had a purpose for your pain, reasons for your struggles and rewards for your faithfulness. The reward is ME. Since ages, WE suffered for a for we can match up with each other’s madness passion and love (because I’m the same girl whom wolves are looking since ages).

Scars you have are like battle wounds, beautiful in a way. To me, it seems as a symbol of having experience something profound. For me they are metaphors for a battle you have fought and now you have probably won.

A Love Letter To Mr. Moon By Shajeeda 4

Only you know all my deepest longings and hidden desires for there is no veil from your moonlight. I’m falling in love with you even more because it gives me endless continuity ‘no beginning and no end.’ Just life in all its vigour. I hope our love will see phases of Once Upon A Time to Happily Ever After.

Dear love,
Sing me a lullaby
Of words too deep that all I could do is feel
Sing me a song of winds, which touches you
Whispering beyond what you can hear
And how they carry each wish, unheard prayers
And unsung love notes,
To the heart of right ones when the time is right.

Lovingly Yours

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