Two moons by Lieverleesje

(February Theme Based)

Two moons

by Lieverleesje

Artist’s Blog – Lieverleesje

Two moon 1.jpg

You are in love with the moon
or a least with how i look at it
you are not in love with me
you are simply confused because
I see things, the way you’ve never
seen things. And as you linger and
wonder and wander I’ll move on
you won’t need me when you change
we would be the same- looking at
the night sky, loving being alone.

And I wonder- how your side of the
story goes-
There was this girl
obsessed with the moon, I don’t
even think, she was seeing me
It was as if two people couldn’t
be more different- I couldn’t even
touch her- she was in a world
completely her own. So I moved
on- disconnection is stranger
than wandering these streets.

By – Lieverleesje

two moon 2.jpg

February Theme – “You’re In Love With The Moon”

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