The Black Nebulae by Hurain Gafoor

The Black Nebulae

By Hurain Gafoor

Author’s blog Tinkering Fireflie

A queer fireflie galivants the cosmos!

When the sun dipped the ocean into a mesmerizing orange, a curious but queer little fireflie was born. His light was bright and fierce and fluttered about a melodious pattern, unique beyond any other. But oh! Was the greedy sun jealous. Just before the eve of dawn, the last ray of sunshine took his light and disappeared like a thief in the night.

The poor little fireflie buzzed and probed around the dark, dark oceans looking for his precious light. Distressed and fluttered, he took flight up towards the stars and for centuries traveled every nook and cranny of the cosmos looking and searching. He took to a noble job of a mailman, sending scheming and plotting letters between intimidating and powerful galaxies and whatnots. On his way, he asked the sun, but he only burned brighter. He asked the moon, but he only conned his way out. He asked the mighty nebulae, but she only gathered her sparkling dustswalking out like a princess holding her skirt.

Perhaps it was time, the fireflie decided to fade with the humble black holes. He politely asked,”excuse me Mr. Henry but can I join you?” and plunged into the darkness.

On the other side of the cosmos, he found his light and his home.

The Black Nebulae by Hurain Gafoor
The Black Nebulae by Hurain Gafoor

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