The Sea In Her By Dee Kay

The Sea In Her

By Dee Kay

She looks like the calm sea full of depth,
tremendous amount of pressure underneath she kept.

The past was like the hurricane destroying the peace,
she tried collecting all of the broken piece.
Unable to sustain the pressure for long,
she began to cry listening to their old song.
The haunting past troubled her in the darkness of the night,
everyday she wore her smile as an amour to the fight.
Some days she won and some days she lost,
the love she had wasn’t worth this cost.

She was like the last snowfall of the reason,
melting down for others for no such reason.

The coldness was trapped inside her heart,
her words on the blank paper resembled some kind of art.
It was beautiful to watch her shower her warmness on her friends,
some stayed for a while and some promised to be there till the end.
Unknown from the fact they all enjoyed her being there,
inside her mind she fought her demons everywhere.
Giving up slowly as she was tired of it all,
she was meant to fly but she was up for a fall.

She was like the morning sunlight killing the darkness,
enlightening everyone despite her sadness.

On the break of dawn she gave in to her demons at last,
cried about the future, present and the past.
Then came the poems that made her start,
her journey to the top and thus the poet became her part.
His words gave her strength to smile,
his rhymes became the friends she seek for some while.
He made her dream about the future and its course,
he just made his way to fill in all those empty pours.

She rose above her past,
He smiled seeing her happy at last.

By Dee Kay


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