The Girl and The Star By Dee Kay

The Girl and The Star By Dee Kay

 The Girl and The Star

By Dee Kay

The stars fell from the sky into the emptiness of the universe,
the poet in me saw the magic and recreated it, 
into a verse.

The star fell in love with the girl gazing at the night sky,
some nights even she wish to be a star who could fly.
The star saw some light in her that made it fall; for her,
she saw a hope of her wishes to come true as per.
The star wanted to see her up close as it took the long journey of its own end,
she made some wishes watching it fall and the light it has send.
The star bloomed into a spectacular supernova and emitted it’s last lights,
she made a promise to it that she’ll gather her strength to continue her fight.

The star finally disappeared into the darkness of the universe,
the poet in me started writing about his love and the curse.

The star burned itself to make her see what she means to him,
she saw its lights fading away as the fire in it were finally dim.
The star had only one wish to see her before it goes away,
she was happy to see him but didn’t have much to say.
The star would be reborn in some different place,
she would still make him burn itself in this case.
Finally the star was gone forever and the night sky was dark again,
she opened her eyes and the world still looked the same.

The star and his love story came to an end,
the poet in me tried to capture its magic and tried to amend.

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