The Way of the Introvert By Gavin Whyte

ArtistGavin Whyte

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Art form Poetry

TitleThe Way of the Introvert

Please don’t take it the wrong way,

When I say I don’t want to come.

Your company’s fine,

But if there’s nine,

I won’t be having any fun.

It’s not about you,

And it’s not about them,

Honestly, it’s all about me;

To be alone,

With just one or two,

Is my ideal company.

I watch from the sidelines,

Have you noticed,

How I don’t exactly take part?

Yes, I’ll speak when spoken to,

But a conversation I won’t start.

There’s too much expectation,

“Why don’t you like being in a group?!”

The fact that you ask

Means you don’t understand;

I’m happy not being in the loop.

Conversing with one or two people,

Is something I truly cherish.

It’s nearly as sweet as the nectar of I,

What an introvert’s wired to relish.

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