Be A Soldier by Dee Kay

Who are you? Is the question that could change your life,

the answer to this question will make you hustle and strive. 

If you’re a soldier at heart then pick your head up, 

don’t let anyone take away your dream as its your’s to buildup. 

Olive green, sky blue and white, 

make a choice as in the end they all are right. 

Be the soldier who defends the motherland on the ground, 

the person who takes the bullet yet don’t make a complaining sound.

With a promise of never letting down his olive green,

with stars on his shoulders and the boots so clean.

Or be the soldier who protects the never ending sky above, 

flying towards the danger to protect his beloved. 

Wear the sky blue uniform with a promise to roar, 

make the sky thunder and make the enemy fall to the floor. 

Or be the soldier who guards the oceans from above and underneath, 

the soldier who doesn’t make his mistakes get repeat. 

Respect the oceans as you wore the colour white, 

mother nature would test you but you coming out as a winner would be a great sight. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of failures you had in your life before you made a choice, 

be the soldier you always wanted and listen to your heart’s voice. 

The selection process would be tough and the training would be rigorous, 

you would have to up your game and make it more vigorous. 

Even if you fail to get through the selection process, 

try again as its not the time to give up but to be aggress.

Show the world that you have it in you what it takes to earn that uniform, 

show the world what you are made of as you unleash your heart’s true form. 

By – Dee Kay 



7 thoughts on “Be A Soldier by Dee Kay

    1. I’m happy to see that you found this poem beautiful. I come from a defence background so this poem is too close to my heart. Thank you.

      Much love 💞

      Dee Kay

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