The Untold Scribbles


Our Dearest Fellow Readers & Writers,

The Immortal Arts & The Floating Thoughts by Roy are happy to announce that we have come up with a new segment for our blogs called The Untold Scribbles.
This segment of our blogs will allow us to test our creative skills by showcasing some untold tales in limited words. This segment will not just be about our write-ups but would also include YOUR untold scribbles too.
Sometime, somewhere, someday u did scribble…words that withheld so many memories… safeguarded so many feelings…but were left unspoken…and remained just as scratches on the crumpled lost pages…
The Untold Scribbles
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Let’s bring those pages back. Let us relive those words again. Let’s share The Untold Scribbles.
Let us join our hands to bring forth the best write-ups in the limited words genre.

Rules and Regulations :-

  1. All the write-ups should be original. (We tend to respect YOUR writing style more than your copied style)
  2. We accept all kinds of write-ups, be it poem, tales, quotes or just some untold scribbles.
  3. All the write-ups should be under 300 characters.
  4. Their respective authors will reserve copyrights to all the write-ups.
  5. The copyright of each work would be reserved by the respective writers.
  6. All the write-ups submitted for this segment would be posted throughout the week.
  7. All the write-ups would be posted on, The Immortal Arts & The Floating Thoughts by Roy ONLY.
  8. The Immortal Arts & The Floating Thoughts by Roy will reserve the right to accept or reject any write-ups.
  9. The Immortal Arts & The Floating Thoughts by Roy, will not be liable for any copyright issues. In case of any copyright violations, such post shall be immediately deleted and the author blacklisted.

For submission :-
Click HERE

15 thoughts on “The Untold Scribbles

    1. I bet you will because I will keep bothering you UNTILL you did 😝
      I will take full advantage of being your brother 😎

  1. That’s great news. 😀 You really worked this out well. I’ll try contributing to your new segment with some quotes on my own. 😀 Glad to see you guys prosper together. 😀 Good luck bro.

    1. Thank you bro 😊
      We would be looking forward to kick start this segment with some of your words as we both appreciate and love your work. 🤗

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